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"Product Launch; Establishing A Company's Presence; Imparting Brand Vision…All In A Day's Work!"

"Product Launch; Establishing a Company's Presence; Imparting Brand Vision…All in a Day's Work!"


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., a leading company in the energy and lifestyle domain, commissioned EASTWEST Public Relations to generate media interest for the product launch of their ‘Virus Washer’ in Singapore on October 23, 2009.


Our Strategy

To ensure that the event was a success, EASTWEST PR worked together with Sanyo on the following:

  • Strategy & Counsel: identifying key messages for the seminar and providing suggestions on target media. Establishing a PR Campaign checklist.
  • Content Development: drafting the programme script and revising media lists.
  • Attendee/Media/Analyst Outreach: distributing email media invites, following up via phone and email. Reviewing and disseminating the press release about the event. Managing attendee and media RSVPs.
  • Event Management: providing on site-event support including attendee registration, press kit distribution, emceeing of the event and managing media inquires and post-event interviews.
  • Reporting: monitoring media coverage before and after the event and producing the post-event and media-coverage report for Sanyo.

Our Results

Through developing such a comprehensive strategy together, EASTWEST PR and Sanyo enjoyed resoundingly positive results, including the following:

  1. Superb media attendance by Singaporean standards of 19 media organisations (average turn-out ranging from 8-13 for product launches).
  2. Delivery of a positive impression not only of the product but also of Sanyo as a brand through the use of professional, polished presentations.
  3. Maximum appreciation of the product facilitated by efficiency of time and space on the day.
  4. Extensive press coverage not only from the attendees but also in a wide variety of other publications.

With the EASTWEST Singapore Team’s active involvement and close coordination with Sanyo and the media, the launch was hugely successful with Sanyo being able to simultaneously promote their new product and re-establish their presence in Singapore. Moreover, through exhibiting a selection of their products at the event they were also able to share their brand vision, ‘Think GAIA’.

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