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Promoting Avnet Technology Solutions In Asia Pacific

Promoting Avnet Technology Solutions in Asia Pacific


Avnet Technology Solutions re-appointed EASTWEST PR on August 1, 2010 to manage PR campaigns in the Asia Pacific focusing on ASEAN, China, Australia and India. Consistent to FY2010, the PR goals are to create positive awareness and enhance reputation of Avnet Technology Solutions and to raise the profile of ATS senior leadership in Asia Pacific.

AvnetTS APAC Coverage
AvnetTS’s APAC Coverage


To achieve these goals of positive awareness and reputation building EASTWEST PR carried out the following plan:

  • Promote and facilitate recognition of AvnetTS through an increased online presence in APAC. This was done through creating and uploading videos to websites focused on APAC. These videos were accompanied with descriptions and news comments, thus creating a sort of video blog.
  • Generate coverage and awareness of AvnetTS happenings through social media action and monitoring. We created an online presence for AvnetTS through blogs, comments, message boards, microblogs and more throughout the APAC region.
A Sample AvnetTS Video Blog


  • More than doubled the number of hits received in under a month on AvnetTS’s video and microblog.
  • Generated 15 separate press releases dealing with Avent’s presence in APAC.
  • Produced 7 video blogs, some of which garnered the #1 search position in Google search.
Press Releases
AvnetTS Press Releases Disseminated
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