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The University Of York Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary In Beijing

The University of York Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Beijing



The University of York, one of the UK’s leading universities, celebrated its 50th anniversary in Beijing, China on March 23, 2013. Three graduation ceremonies for York students from China were held as part of the celebration.

Prior to the ceremonies, EASTWEST PR was appointed to help organize media activities for York in Beijing, and reached out to and coordinated with Ms. Zhang Haidi regarding the arrangements for her honorary degree. The aim of the media activities was to spread news of the celebration to local media, and deliver the message that York has established a number of links with Chinese universities and is planning on developing more in the future.

A total of three media interviews were arranged for and conducted with York’s representatives on March 22, including two one-on-one interviews with China Daily and, and one TV interview with China Education Television. Arrangements were also made for a professional photographer to document the event. Additionally, one video interview with two of York’s spokespeople was produced and edited by EASTWEST PR for after-event promotional use.

EASTWEST delegated 2 bilingual PR consultants to be onsite throughout the entire event to assist with media reception, on-site media management, translation, and one-on-one interviews with York’s spokespeople, which included Tony Wilkinson, Chemistry Department Professor, David Howard, Electronics Department Head, and Hilary Layton, Director of Internationalisation and Deputy Director of External Relations.




EASTWEST leveraged a creative PR approach to increase York’s visibility among local media, obtain coverage of their increasing partnerships with local universities, and provide a platform for York’s spokespeople. This included, but was not limited to:

  • – Suggested appropriate candidates to receive York’s honorary degrees;
  • – Translated and distributed three press releases to local media before, during, and after the event
  • – Drafted media invites, invited and secured three key industry and business media organizations to conduct one-on-one interviews
  • – Prepared and printed press kits for journalists in attendance, including York’s backgrounder, spokespeople’s bio and pictures, and press releases
  • – Organized and conducted media interviews
  • – Offered on-site media and event management with the presence of EASTWEST’s bilingual consultants
  • – Conducted professional photography of the ceremony, from which photographs were later sent to both York and media outlets in attendance
  • – Followed up with media and monitored ongoing coverage




  • – 3 press releases were translated and distributed throughout the event, resulting in a total of 45 media clippings
  • – 2 one-on-one media interviews conducted with York’s executives, including Hilary Layton, Tony Wilkinson, and David Howard by:
  •     China Daily
  • – 1 TV interview was secured and conducted during the ceremony with Sara Booth by China Education TV
  • – 1 video interview was conducted and edited with Hilary Layton and Sarah Booth. As of April 25th, 2 online media portals published this video on their websites, resulting in 163 retweets on Chinese social media within only 2 days
  • – 1 media outlet ( has published one article after the interview, the other media outlet (China Daily) has confirmed they will publish one article within the next week


Key media in attendance:


  • China Daily 中国日报
  • 新浪网教育频道
  • China Education Television 中国教育电视台


Event photos:

The University of York graduation ceremony event photos

Media coverage:

The University of York media coverage



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