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The University Of York

The University of York

The Brief

EASTWEST Public relations was contracted by The University of York on November 3, 2009 to provide the following services for The University of York China graduation ceremony on April 17, 2010.

  • Print management (programme, speech booklets, signage).
  • Liaison with honorary graduates and VIP guests.
  • Document review (programme and as needed).
  • Translation work (website, speech booklet, and as needed).
  • Media relations (press release distribution, follow-up and interviews).
  • On-site support (registration booth, interview assistance, and as needed).
  • Social media

Our Strategy

On November 3, 2009, EASTWEST Public Relations began working with The University of York, a world top 100 university located in York, United Kingdom, over a graduation ceremony to take place in Beijing on April 17, 2010. EASTWEST was to assist with translation, print management, VIP liaison, and media relations. EASTWEST worked with The University of York in a similar capacity during the Beijing graduation ceremony in 2008. Our strategy was to assist with traditional media relations, supplemented with new media activities. EASTWEST also assisted with logistics to ensure the success of the event.

EASTWEST began by compiling a list of relevant domestic media in China who may find this news of interest. EASTWEST initially compiled a list of the top media in China relevant to the education market. EASTWEST then targeted this list of key influencer media in China by conducting a media audit, in which EASTWEST called each key influencer individually to ascertain knowledge and interest in The University of York. EASTWEST then revised the previously prepared media lists on level of interest and along with tier-level of publication. EASTWEST had, at then end of the media audit, a list of the top ten journalists in each of the two categories of business dailies and trade media (for seminars). The total master list included 45 journalists in education, business dailies, trade media and English language publications.

EASTWEST, upon receiving the final press releases, website articles and speeches, began to work on the Chinese simplified translation of the documents. The press releases were then distributed in both Chinese and English and follow-up work began immediately. As of April 22, 2010 EASTWEST was able to secure three interviews, two being a face-to-face and the remaining one being an email interview. EASTWEST provided translation assistance for the interviews as needed.

EASTWEST assisted in the print management of the programme and speech booklets. For print management, EASTWEST reviewed the programme and offered comments and amendments on the translation, which was undertaken by The University of York. EASTWEST then worked with a printing vender to print 600 copies of the programme, with 580 delivered to the Kerry Centre and 20 sent to The University of York. EASTWEST assisted in the translation and printing of the speech booklets with the same number printed and delivered as the programme.

Additionally, EASTWEST liaised with Minister Chen Zhu and Professor He Jifeng to ensure that they attended the ceremony to receive their honorary degrees. On the day of the ceremony, EASTWEST secured a meeting between The University of York and Professor He Jifeng and arranged a meeting room at the Kerry Centre. EASTWEST also contacted pianist Lang Lang and the British Ambassador to China to secure their attendance.

On the day of the event, EASTWEST provided on-site support to direct Honorary Graduates and VIP Guests to the proper waiting rooms. EASTWEST also assisted in translations for the one-to-one interviews. EASTWEST also provided a Twitter schedule so that the University of York could provide Twitter updates to The University of York Alumni network in real-time.


  • Attendance of Health Minister Chen Zhu and Professor He Jifeng.
  • Review and editing of programme to correct translation inconstancies.
  • Successful printing of programme and speech booklets that met the University’s requirements.
  • Media relations: seven pieces of coverage and three interviews (as of April 22, 2010), with one feature story, and a combined print readership potential of 1.25 million people.
  • On-site support prior to ceremony to ensure honorary graduates and VIP guests are escorted to proper area.
  • New media exposure across both International and Chinese new media platforms.
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