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Thinklogical 4K KVM And Video Extension Solutions Press Event

Thinklogical 4K KVM and Video Extension Solutions Press Event


As the leading manufacturer and provider of fiber optic KVM, video, audio, and peripheral extensions and routing solutions, Thinklogical held a press event with the aim of increasing its brand awareness and introducing its new product, 4K KVM and Video Extension Solutions, to the Chinese market. EASTWEST PR was appointed to help organize and promote this event for Thinklogical in Beijing.

The press event was held on May 14, 2013 in Beijing, China. Joseph Pajer, president and CEO of Thinklogical, represented the company as its spokesperson, and formally introduced the new product to the Chinese market at this event.

EASTWEST was onsite throughout the duration of the event, assisting in media reception, media management, and facilitating one-on-one interviews with Thinklogical’s spokesperson.


EASTWEST PR aimed to maximize exposure for Thinklogical’s brand and its new product. EASTWEST’s activities included, but were not limited to:

– Writing, translating, and issuing a press release announcing the launch of Thinklogical’s new 4K KVM and Video Extension Solutions in the Chinese market

– Researching and building a targeted list of national media organizations in the broadcasting, telecommunications, traffic control, government, military and intelligence, and IT sectors

– Soliciting one-on-one interviews for Thinklogical’s spokesperson

– Securing a venue and organizing the logistics for the press event, including two simultaneous interpreters, a shorthand typist for transcription, and an event photographer

– Disseminating press kits, event photos, script of keynote speech, and presentation transcript to Chinese media

– Filming and editing a promotional video for Thinklogical’s spokesperson speaking about the new product launch and marketplace trends and development for promotion on online and social media.


The press event lasted for one hour, beginning with a company presentation from Joseph Pajer, followed by a product demo from China Managing Director Sunny Qi, and ending with a 15-minute media Q&A session. Media response to the product launch was very positive.

– Initial press release announcing product launch earned coverage from 56 media outlets

– Journalists from 25 national media outlets attended the event

– 4 one-on-one interviews were conducted with:

Digital Communication World
ProAV China

– Following the press event, 28 media outlets filed reports online and in print

Event photos:

Thinklogical Event Photos

Selected Media Coverage:

Media coverage


International partner:

In addition to the activities organized in Beijing, at the client’s request, EASTWEST PR coordinated with a Tokyo-based partner firm, Traintracks. Traintracks prepared a similar press event on May 9, 2013, with corresponding press releases to announce the launch of Thinklogical’s new products for the Japanese market, all with positive results.

Example of media coverage:

Thinklogical Japanese media coverage

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