EASTWEST #1 on Technorati

As we here at EASTWEST continue to expand into the world of social media and digital PR, our EASTWEST blog role is now going live on Technorati. Founded as the first blog search engine, Technorati has expanded to become the largest social media advertising network and the third largest blog media property. We have been striving over the past few weeks to populate this blog with useful and informative content for our readers. Now that we have partially achieved this goal, we need to begin to actively direct readers to this information. Technorati is one such method, being the number one blog search engine. If you have a blog, you should be registered on Technorati with your blog site claimed in order to help potential readers find your site. But what does Technorati mean to the client? Technorati indexes, as of June 2008, 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. For the client, it gives them the opportunity to disseminate their news through corporate blogs and RSS feeds to reach an even wider audience. Even though traditional news dissemination methods are still valuable for reaching established journalists, there is a whole new group of blogger journalists that get their news from blogs, which they in turn blog about on their own blogs. By using sites like Technorati and other forms of social media, you are augmenting your public relations campaign to reach an even wider audience. Unfortunately for us here in China, Technorati is blocked by the Great Firewall of China, as are Facebook and Twitter. Not to be thwarted by these restrictions, we have made use of a private VPN to circumvent the state censors and access Technorati. Registering on the site is simple: use your real name, create a user name, password and provide email for verification. Once that is done, a verification email is sent containing a link that you will click to verify the account. From there you can personalize your account with biographies and a picture, but the primary thing you want to do is claim your blog site and register it on Technorati. You do this by inputting your website. Once you have done this, Technorati will provide you will a verification code that you must insert into a new post on your blog roll. After you do that, Technorati will scan your RSS feed for that code, which will verify that the website you are claiming actually belongs to you. We are killing two birds with one stone with this post, first, to tell you a little about Technorati, and, second, to claim our website using the code that Technorati provided us. And here it is: hswkgypq7c Once you are registered and your website claimed, you are now a part of Technorati. Users will then be able to search for your blog or find it through the blog categories found on the front page. If you are reading this from China, you will need a way to access Technorati, either through a proxy or VPN. We use Witopoia and highly recommend it as a private VPN provider. Update: Within a few hours of registering, www.eastwestpr.com became the top search result for “china public relations”.

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