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EASTWEST PR Beijing Leads 2016 British Motorsports Festival

EASTWEST PR Beijing Leads 2016 British Motorsports Festival


2016 British Motor Sport Festival (BMF),a celebration for all the family of motorsport culture was successfully held on October 1st at Beijing Golden Port. The 2016 event was initiated by British entrepreneur Jim James, also Founder and Chairman of EASTWEST PR Group, aiming to create a lifestyle event that appeals for each member of the Chinese and British family. The event has been supported by the British government including the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy Beijing.

2016 BMF Press Event British Ambassador Residence

2016 BMF Press Event at British Ambassador’s Residence


EASTWEST PR was appointed as BMF’S official Public Relations partner to lead the event, including government relations management, brands and media partnership, media relations and event management.

2016 BMF Press Event

2016 BMF Press Event

To maximize the BMF brand awareness, the agency initiated a high profile press event supported by the British Embassy a week prior to the festival. As a result, 30 mainstream automotive media attended the press briefing held at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing.

2016 BMF Spokesperson Pre-Briefing

2016 BMF Spokesperson Pre-Briefing

EASTWEST PR’s scope of work include but was not limited to government relations management, on-site hosting and management, spokesperson pre-briefing, photography, event video, media test drive, sponsorship and partnership collaboration, on-site ticketing and media follow-up.

2016 BMF Press Event Media

2016 BMF Press Event Media Q&A

2016 BMF Press Event Spokespeople

2016 BMF Press Event Spokespeople at Media Q&A


Over 70 articles generated from leading auto, business and lifestyle media outlets from press event and on-site festival.

Over 1000 guests of families, auto culture enthusiasts, racers, instructors, media and car owners attended the event. Six British Supercar Brands – Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Morgan Motor Company, McLaren, Radical and the Mini, together with 20 leading British consumer and lifestyle brands providing entertainment, food and drinks on-site including ACE café, TipTree jam and Green King beer.

Notable Media Coverage

Sina Auto

NetEase Auto

China Economic Net

Le TV Sports



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