EASTWEST PR: Have You Met? – Jan 17

Caroline has been a Senior Associate on the EASTWEST team for more than a year. We would like to congratulate her on her soon-to-arrive baby girl! Caroline previously hails from India and she shares her insights on PR in the region:

1. Tell me a little more about yourself? As a Senior Associate at EASTWEST, I bring nine years of experience in shaping corporate reputation for brands at a regional and global level. In my role as an account lead, I develop strategic communications plans for my clients that complements their organisation’s marketing and business plan in the region and constantly innovate to provide value for clients with a culture of high performance and deep commitment to quality.I have counselled and led campaigns for leading brands in the BFSI, Corporate, Telecom, Property & Infrastructure, IT, AdTech and start-up sectors both in India and in Singapore. 2. Compared to your prior experience working in India, what do you find different about the PR industry in Singapore? India and Singapore are equally unique with different media landscapes and cultural nuances. Leading a PR campaign from Singapore offers brands the opportunity to run their campaigns across ASEAN. As a consultant, it is important to be informed on the opportunities that lies across the region to provide a holistic counselling experience for your clients.Another difference I see is the increase in the adoption of an integrated communication strategy. Increasingly, clients in Singapore prefer agencies that are able to combine and expand its services to incorporate a mix of digital and social to achieve maximum impact. 3. What do you find the most challenging about working as a PR professional in this part of the region? Though the lines are blurring with new media mix coming into play, convincing clients on exploring opportunities outside of the traditional mode is a challenge. Advising clients to embracing innovation and disruption to lead their PR campaigns takes years of experience and conviction. 4. How do you see the industry changing in the next 10 years? The impact of the digital age on public relations is here to stay. With the onset of increased digitalisation in the coming years, the PR industry will see an evolution that will set the tone for next ten years. Emergence of new media and social platforms will see increased adoption, bringing in a transformation from the traditional PR operation. 5. What is your life motto? Never stop learning, because opportunities knock on those who are curious to learn. To find out more about EASTWEST PR’s happenings, read our newsletter here:  http://eepurl.com/cxb3l9

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