EASTWEST PR welcomes new Interns to Beijing

EASTWEST Public Relations continues the tradition of passing on the knowledge through the intern program with three new interns in the Beijing office. Ben Carton began his search for an internship in the early stages of his second year at the University of Nottingham in the UK. Said Ben: "At EASTWEST PR, I have been learning about social media and the positive and negative effects it can have on businesses. The PR agency in this case is of particular importance. Social media was not of big interest to me before I came to EASTWEST, it is quickly becoming one. I am also having the opportunity to expand my skill and IT knowledge base," I am enjoying my time at EASTWEST PR and in Beijing. PR is an industry I am keen to explore further and perhaps venture into sports PR, being a keen sportsman and sports fan, I think PR is an avenue that may suit me. Jaimie Richardson, a Business and Management student at the University of Sussex, UK, recommends to learn about PR in a company situated in a fast growing economy like China. Said Jaimie: "I am interested in PR as it plays a key role in helping businesses create strong relationships with their publics" "EASTWEST PR has created a climate that encourages creativity, professionalism and results. A climate which I find useful, positive and helps me build my career,". Patrick Li, originally from Beijing moved to the United States at the age of 17 and is currently living and studying in Virginia. Said Patrick: "My working experience so far with EASTWEST PR has been beyond expectations, I am learning new things everyday about PR, social networks and business"        

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