EASTWEST PR Witness Enstoa’s Further Expand Presence in China

Intro- Enstoa Inc, a New York-based services firm that specializes in capital projects improvement, has vowed to further expand its presence in China, helping domestic companies seeking more opportunities on the international stage.

Founded in 2007, Enstoa is the only global professional services firm that specializes in capital projects improvement, providing innovative products and services to organizations managing and maintaining multi-billion dollar construction projects, programs, and portfolios. Enstoa utilizes a combination of breakthrough software innovation, systems integration, and internal cultural change to enable organizations to reinvest resources previously spent on managing disparate information into what really matters for them. The Company is headquartered in New York and supports offices worldwide with wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, the United Kingdom, India, Bahrain, and Australia.

By making its first showcase in China,  Enstoa has appointed EASTWEST public relations (EASTWEST) to leverage its attendance at the launch of “the belt and road, Enstoa’s unmatched expertise creates an international win-win management model” media briefing in Beijing. Built its brand presence and to highlight the significant partnership with SEG in the market.

On August 21st, EASTWEST conducted a group media briefing in Beijing with 44 media attendees to introduce the company and its IPMM, to build awareness of its business model and plans for the market and highlight its plans for the market and in the region.

As of 24th of the August, EASTWEST have secured all tier-1 mainstream media and industry-related media with 60 clippings;  both print and online media ( China Daily, People Net, Xinhua Net,Foreign Investment in China, China Net,Sina, Tencent,Netease, Sohu, China Reports, Control Engineering Asia, IFeng, JRJ, International Property Net, CINN, etc.) broadcast ( Tencent Video)  in the targeted region. EASTWEST organized a media briefing for Jordan Cram, The CEO of Enstoa; Mr.Qi Guosheng, SEG VP on the 21st of the August. The media briefing provides an opportunity for Enstoa to discuss the launch of the management model and EASTWEST leveraged the media briefing session to communicate Enstoa’s value proposition and built media relations in China. Through the media breifing, EASTWEST PR has •Elevate brand awareness for Enstoa and its IPMM.

•Raise profile of Jordan Cram, the CEO of Enstoa, and position him as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the industry. •Effectively built relationships with related media in China
Media Attendees were:   Result achieved:

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