EASTWEST Public Relations Joins Code Red Global Security PR Network for Singapore & China.

EASTWEST PR Joins Code Red Network.

The Code Red IT Security PR Network was developed to offer security vendors looking to build a profile in the competitive security market place the opportunity to work with security PR specialists globally, each member agency has been hand-picked for its in-depth experience in the IT security market place. The aim is to simplify the task of marketing and corporate communications executives at security vendors in finding and managing specialist agencies to develop and execute multi-country PR campaigns, which can be coordinated either centrally or on a country-by-country basis. The Code Red security network was founded by UK IT security specialist agency, éclat Marketing to fill the gap between large multi-national agency conglomerates and small independent boutique agencies. Code Red founder Dianne Canham comments: “The security market is currently attracting massive security investments on an unprecedented scale and spawning a new wave of innovative security start-ups and IPOs. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of investing in the appropriate defences against data breaches and malware and are looking for technology to help mitigate the shortage of security skills and tackle new threat vectors posed by mobile devices, the cloud and now the Internet of Things.”

With former security clients including Malwarebytes and RSA, and many B2B technology clients including Tech Data, joining the Code Red network for Singapore & China made a great strategy sense to Jim James, Managing Director of EASTWEST. Jim James, Managing Director of EASTWEST PR “EASTWEST PR is delighted to join Code Red as it represents a best of class independent agency network with expertise in security. Since establishing the Agency in 1995 we have focused on B2B technology, and now that technology for personal and organisation use is ubiquitous one of the greatest needs is to safeguard people and organisations from the potential threats posed by those with malicious intent. Code Red will enable us to share best practice with other communications experts around the globe from our offices in Singapore and Beijing.”

“Currently CMOs at security vendors are forced to choose between global reach and security specialisation in selecting their PR partners. Now there is a viable alternative that allows them to work with a global network of experienced security PR professionals, or – as the security profession is so fond of saying – ‘You’re only as strong as the weakest link’.”


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