EASTWEST Successfully Launched SANYO Virus Washer in Singapore

Last September 2009, EASTWEST Public Relations (EWPR) has been appointed by SANYO Asia (SANYO) to generate media interest and to facilitate with the preparations for the Singapore launch of  Sanyo Virus Washer, an air purification system equipped with “Electrolysed Water” technology that is efficient in suppressing airborne bacteria and viruses, including the much-feared H1N1. With the SG Team’s active involvement and close coordination with SANYO and the media, the launch last 23 October, 2009 has been very successful with the attendance coming from 19 media organisations and interview sessions with various publications  and Japanese wires such as Jiji Press and Nikkei. The launch had a very straightforward one-and-a-half-hour (1.5H) programme including presentations from SANYO executives, a product demonstration from Mr. Masahiro Iseki, General Manager of SANYO Ecology Technology Center,  a media Q&A forum and a simple donation ceremony. Through this event, SANYO also had an opportunity to re-establish their presence in the region and share their brand vision, ‘Think GAIA’, which core is to harness technology and creativity to deliver global solutions through  environment, lifestyle and energy-related products that are in harmony with GAIA and are designed to enhance the quality of life. The mini exhibit of SANYO’s energy and eco-products,  such as the eneloop bike and lanterns and solar panels (or HIT – Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer panels), also helped reinforce the message behind their brand vision. At the end of the event, there was an overall positive media impression on SANYO and the Virus Washer. Spokespersons and executives were very pleased with the turnout and with EWPR’s PR efforts.

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