EASTWESTPR Joins Worldwide Network GlobalComPR

GCPR's LogoEASTWESTPR is now a member of the worldwide organization GlobalComPR Network or GCPR starting April 1, 2011. The agreement, drawn up in the month of March, made official the partnership of EASTWEST PR and GlobalCom. EASTWEST PR is now connected to other agencies around the world; there are GCPR affliated agencies in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and South America. Being a part of this global network allows EASTWEST to better meet the needs of their clients, both national and international. Ralf Hartmann From Ralf Hartmann co-founder and Chairman of GCPR: "There is a fast growing  demand in renewable energy, sustainability and information technology, which are primary markets of GlobalCom PR Network. We are therefore very happy to welcome EASTWEST in our GlobalCom PR Network team in China and Singapore to provide our clients with high quality services and results." GCPR's Network A GCPR affiliated agency is "a leading PR agency in its country, has local market expertise and native speakers who are fluent in English and experienced in working with international clients." GCPR covers many fields including automotive, consumer electronics, cleantech, financial services, healthcare, information technology, lifestyle, pharma, renewable energy, sustainability, travel and tourism. GCPR is affiliated with 45 different partners who have over 60 offices worldwide.

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