Ebay sends critics live roaches and a bloody pig mask

Ebay has hit the news this week in a surprising way, and one that looks like it could be a PR nightmare for the company.

Six former senior employees have been charged with conspiracy to commit cyber stalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses in an unusual case with details emerging that seem almost unbelievable.

The employees were enraged with a report about the company in an eCommerce newsletter and launch a retaliation campaign against the review site owners.

The case has so many twists and turns that you would be forgiven for thinking it was a plot for a psychological thriller. The case reported that the campaign, fuelled by the resources of eBay,  involved spying, threatening emails, sinister deliveries – such as a funeral wreath, boxes of live cockroaches and a mask of a bloody pig face, and amounted to psychological harrassment.

You can read the New York Times article here

Read the Full Article here

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