Email Design Inspiration: 15 Best Email Campaign Examples

In our constant search for inspiration and examples of companies that are getting it right, we came across this great collection of the  Best Email Campaigns from

The list features a list of 5 Platforms To Turn To For Email Design Inspiration, a list of the types of email campaigns that you can create and some great examples.


They focus on five types of email campaigns that marketers in all industries use most often and list these as:
  • Product promotion
  • Upselling
  • Cart abandonment
  • Product updates
  • General newsletters


They include some great examples from Apple, Dollar Shave Club, Grammarly, Moschino, and Bose. 


So head over to BestDesigns. website and check out the Best Email Campaigns which are sure to inspire you with your next campaign, ensure your emails get a good click-through rate, and make sure you get noticed in your reader’s inbox.

Best Email Campaigns

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