First week at EastWest Public Relations

Today is the day, I told myself. I had to change my routine, my route and no more sloppy jeans and T shirt dressed to work anymore. Dressed professionally, today marks a new chapter in my career at EASTWEST Public Relations. Well, I was actually feeling sleepy, nervous, excited, confused, you name it I had it all. What could I expect; I was actually out of my comfort zone and pursuing a passion that demands lots of practice in return of perfection.   senthilI found my way to the office  I was greeted by CP at the office who was like a ‘macho Einstein’ (I hope he doesn’t read this), strong grip, knows what he is doing and pointed me to my desk for tasks to be assigned to me. I went through the induction process with Mel and was tasked to do some read ups on our clients. Although I had IT background, some of the terms/jargons mentioned literally were ‘alien’ to me. I thought I was the only one who understood Sumerian language. Guess I’m not alone. All I knew that today I had to understand and get more insights of our clients. Essentially this would be the key element in understanding who our clients are and what they do. When the day moved on, I was probably a little more excited and nervous I should say. I knew that I had to pick up the pace and start writing something. Oops! I forgot to mention Grace. Our executive associate ‘the wonder woman’, I have to use more praising words as she sits beside me or I’ll be in trouble. Very helpful and has vast knowledge in this industry. Grace handed me a blog that I had to summarize in approximately 1 to 2 short paragraphs so that it could be pitched to the media. It sounds easy but for a newbie, nothing was easy but eventually I got job done. Moving on to my next task, I was assigned to do a research, wearable products. Interesting topic and after some time I finally got a chance to do some research again. Initial submission of the research so fine and I was feeling a lot more motivated to get things done. First thing in the morning, I was now tasked to do media monitoring for our clients and for our own internal reference. Reading the papers and getting information about our clients are important aspects of keeping ourselves up-to-date about the technology landscape. Eventually, I finally got a piece of the action. I had to write a blogpost for a client. Initial stages were like a rough patch and I knew that the only way to be good at it was to have a proper structure and understanding to get a hang of it. Credit to my team for guiding me all the way to ensure I was on the right track. My week is going to end and more research and more writing!. This is just like a small slice of the pie; here comes the technical part, uploading a blog, twitting and many more fun features to come. A great workplace is also an enriching environment a person can adapt and thrive in. Great colleagues play an important role. Glad we all can relate to one another and enjoy the ride together at EASTWEST. However, I know that I have to give the team more input and get better in the weeks to come. ‘Honeymoon’ period is over. I’m going to soldier on to get better day by day.

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