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Twitter is one of these must have tools when talking about social media. I stumbled upon an interesting article, which explained the dos and don’ts of the twittersphere. The article suggests that the major challenge companies face when engaging customers on a platform such as twitter is go get the right message broadcasted to the right crowd at the right time. What makes you follow-able on Twitter? Internet Marketers are well aware of the power of Twitter when it comes to obtaining more leads and sales. Twitter could be a huge visitors generating machine for your website or blog and give you the exposure it needs. Twitter is no rocket science, you can follow as many people as you can, knowing that almost half the number of people you followed will follow you back by courtesy. But without content, having the greatest number of followers is just not enough. Content is one of the key factors in having a successful twitter strategy. Twitter has become an effective broadcasting tool with information traveling around the globe faster than newswires can disseminate news. The article gives valuable tips on how to make your Twitter account successful by answering questions concerning your niche, which is an easy technique to gain much more twitter followers. The author advises to look for questions that are being asked on twitter and which you know you can answer and supply helpful solutions. This will attract individuals in your field and give them a good reason to follow you. The writer explains that over tweeting can become a form of spamming killing the chance of your followers to re tweet your tweets to their followers. People re tweet a message because they consider it contains something that is valuable and it would be a good idea to share it with their followers. So tweeting in moderation ensures that you produce quality tweets, which takes time and dedication. The downside of over tweeting/spamming is that your followers can abandon you due to a lack of interest in your content. The value of having the right pool of followers will determine the effective outreach of your tweets. It is important to determine your target audience when doing your twitter strategy, as they will be the ones to broadcast your message across the platform. Last but not least is the recent trend of using hash tags  (e.g: #PR, #socialmedia), which help you contribute to a conversation and get acknowledgement from industry professionals. A hash tag is a simple and effective way to establish your brand and build a targeted following. A hash tag is also a way to unify a conversation and is also widely used by professionals to organize twitter seminars called “webinars” on given topics related to your industry. Twitter in 2010 has become a powerful platform to get your message across and 2011 is certainly a year to look forward in the twittersphere. At EASTWEST PR, we can help you expand your twitter base followers. Drop us a line here Read more on How to Expand your Twitter Follower Base Efficiently

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