Free press release sites flourish in the Middle Kingdom

Free press release distribution sites are cheap and cheerful, and can be used to complement a PR strategy in China. Most of the time clients need good strategy to ensure that they are well positioned, their information timely, and there is a guardian of the message in the media; this is the role of a PR consultant. However, sometimes clients just have too many outlets which they want to reach for their budget,  time, or manpower. This is especially true in China where there are reportedly over 7,000 journals and magazines, 2,000 plus newspapers , let alone some 700  TV stations, 3,000 cable channels,  and internet news aggregation sites like Sina and Sohu. A good strategy is therefore a influencer program to highlight top tier media, and then to use either paid for distribution services e.g Xinhuaprnewswire, or the growing number of free distribution sites. Here is a selection of 6 which we are evaluating for reach and quality. 1. – It provides free distribution services to media and internet portals in and out of China, more than 8,000 Chinese enterprises public organizations are distributing via Prexpress their press releases to Chinese major newspapers and broadcasting systems such as Sina, Sohu, QQ, 163. Paid service offers better SEO services. 2. – The site provides free distribution services and index that helps you evaluate the effect of distribution. 3. – It has a press center that offers press release and copywriting services. 4. There is limited list of features for free distribution services on this site. Press release has to be reviewed and approved by web administer before it can go out. 5. – The site provides common free distribution tools and free services that enable you to insert company logo and product pictures into the press release. 6. The site provides a platform that enables submission and distribution services and allows users to upload pictures and software onto the site. Free Pr sites make money but either a)upselling you to their pr services or b) crowding your content with advertising; neither one of which may be ideal if looking for a ‘free ride’ into the Chinese internet space; however when allied to a targeted and ongoing campaign free distribution services can fill the void, and in doing so increase search engine visibility.

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