Free White Paper And Infographic: Digital Journalism In 2012 Survey

This year in Oriella’s Digital Journalism Study we take a look at how the journalism industry has shifted over the past year towards digital. Social media is more important than ever as a means of gathering and reporting – it’s possible now to have journalists not affiliated with an official news network breaking news online faster. With growth in the APAC region its now possible to survey this region more effectively and the outcome reflects that. The headline trends from this year’s study include:

  • Imbalances in the global economy are playing themselves out in newsrooms.  Journalists in Asia, Brazil and Russia were far more upbeat about the outlook for their organisation and their work than their counterparts in Western Europe and North America.
  • The shift to online is slowing when it comes to publishing.  This year, just under half (48%) of respondents said their biggest audience was offline – not a huge change on the 50% we reported in 2011.  However, the shift is more significant when compared with 2009, when 59% of respondents gave pre-eminence to offline formats.
  • Social media have become firmly established in the journalistic arsenal.  2011’s study uncovered significant evidence of journalists treating social media channels, like Twitter, as sources of news – and also as a means of validating stories already being written.  This year, more than half the journalists surveyed said they drew on social media posts from sources they knew when looking for story ideas or angles.
  • Publications around the world are making use of a wider range of content assets – both produced in-house and sourced externally – than ever before.
  • Credibility – whether online or off­- has re-emerged as a key consideration for media.  Simply having a presence onthe right social platforms is no longer enough.  Brands wishing to make their voices (or those of their experts) heard on key issues need to put more effort into developing clear points of view, expressing them plainly across all platforms, and building networks of supporters – both online and off.
Download here the  Digital Journalism Study 2012
Below is the white paper visualized in an infographic:
Digital Journalism In 2012 Survey Infographic

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