Good news for trees – another print publication stops printing

Source: Marketing interactive Singapore – PC Magazine Singapore is the latest title to bite the dust after publisher CR Media decided to stop publishing the IT magazine. Ziff-Davies Media recently ceased publication of the print edition of PC Magazine in the US, while most of the other Asian print editions, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan, have also ceased publication. Given this situation, CR Media “regretfully decided to cease our publishing license of the Singapore edition with effect August 2009.” In a statement CR Media said: “Keeping abreast of the media trend for the technology sector CR Media will focus our resources in other areas, especially the interactive platform, for our technology division. “With more than 15 years experience in technology publishing, from PC World Singapore to PC Magazine Singapore, we have amassed a sizeable database and expertise to enable us to develop this successfully.” The independent media house still has Gadget3 in its technology stable, originally an online source before the print edition.

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