Google Lets Us Push Their Buttons

Google recently announced that its new "+1 Button" is now available for webmasters to put on their site and embed in posts. Not one to fall behind, EASTWEST PR has added the button to the layout of our site. What does the button do? Well, it basically acts as Facebook’s "Like" button but with a key of difference. The principal is the same: It lets your friends know that you personally endorse a certain topic or link. However, as this is the search engine giant Google we’re talking about these recommendations also show up higher in Google search as a result. It’s a simple and elegant way that enacts a very basic pillar of Public Relations: To influence a target of your organization into action you don’t directly talk to them, you talk to their friends. People are much more motivated to look up or buy or whatever it is that your organization helps them to do if their friends are doing it too. And the +1 Button adds that functionality to Google’s search results. What this affect could have on the future of SEO is yet to be seen, but whatever might happen it’s probably best to stay ahead of the curve. Navigating the social media maze without a guide? Push this button to contact us and maybe we can help.

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