Government clampdown on social networking site LinkedIn in China

Social networking service LinkedIn appears to be the latest casualty in the Chinese government’s crackdown on social media sites as part of efforts to prevent protests from spreading to the P.R.C according to the Huffington Post. Hani Durzy, LinkedIn spokesman confirmed to AFP that access to the site is being blocked for some in China. It appears to be part of a broader effort in China going on right now, involving other sites as well. Many LinkedIn groups were set up to discuss on the pro-democracy protests currently spreading throughout the Middle East. The block in China seems to be an ongoing censorship effort by the Chinese government to prevent similar uproar within the country. Facebook and Twitter were also banned due to anti-government or censored messages spreading within the network. LinkedIn is on the path to suffer the same fate too. As of late, reports suggest that LinkedIn has been unblocked and is now accessible in China but the Chinese government is strictly filtering and monitoring the social networking site. Sources: penn-olsonHuffington Post and BBC

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