Have You Met: Miu

1.Tell me a little more about yourself?  I’m currently an Associate at EASTWEST. I have more than two years experiences in the PR industry and I have handled clients across technology, corporate services and luxury sectors. I’m from Hong Kong but I’ve only started my PR career in Singapore. I previously held some short-term stints in my home country. 2.How different is life in Singapore compared to life in Hong Kong? To be honest, the two countries do not differ much in terms of living style and culture, so it didn’t take me long to adapt to the life here. But one thing I do find interesting is, in Singapore, no matter you’re working or studying, no matter what level are you at in your company, you will get the chance to interact with someone who is from a different culture as Singapore is a very multinational society 3.What do you find the most challenging about working as a PR professional in this part of the region? As the media pool in Singapore is relatively small, helping clients stand out from thousands of organizations and pique interest from the limited media pool here is one of the biggest challenges. 4.How do you see the industry changing in the next 10 years? The ways of communication among people are changing and everything is moving to online, PR must also evolve to catch up with this trend to ensure that we’re speaking to the right people at the right channels, which will largely be online. 5. What is your life motto? “You only live once”

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