HealthPro® China Introduced Swiss-made CleanZone SL Series at ECOTECH China 2015

Briefing HealthPro® China is the exclusive partner of IQAir AG Switzerland in China since December 2006. Ever since the company has established itself as a full-service sales and service provider for the Swiss manufacturer IQAir AG. With offices located in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai, their sales and service extend across China with an equal emphasis on both commercial and residential solutions. HealthPro China is committed to providing clean air solutions and premium services protecting customers’ indoor air quality. On June 10, HeathPro introduced its Swiss-made CleanZone SL series at the ECOTECH China 2015 Exhibition in Shanghai. The CleanZone SL series sets a new benchmark in high performance air cleaning systems with high efficiency and little energy consumption. EASTWEST delegated one bilingual PR Consultants to assist the event on-site; two one-on-one interviews were arranged for HealthPro® China’s spokespeople during the expo. 
Strategy In order to maximize media exposure for HealthPro® China’s new product series, EASTWEST’s activity included, but were not limited to: – Editing and issuing a press release announcing the launch of the CleanZone SL series on Chinese media; – Researching and building a targeted media list in general business, environment, home appliance, health care, etc.; – Facilitating two one-on-one interviews and one email interview for HealthPro® China’s spokespeople; – Disseminating press kits and event photos to the media; – Following up with media and monitoring ongoing coverage; – Posting Weibo updates on HealthPro®’s doings at ECOTECH China 2015 expo. Results A total of 7 media outlets from general business, environment, home appliance and health care published the press release; 2 one-on-one interviews and 1 email interview arranged with HealthPro® China’s President Mike Bearden:
  • China Air purification Magazine
  • Shanghai Daily
  • Air Purification Times (Email Interview)


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