Jim James - Founder of the EASTWEST Public Relations Group.

Founder - Jim James

Since 1995 Jim has provided both tactical and strategic counsel to over 500 clients, specialising in B2B technology companies. As an entrepreneur himself, he is able to understands the business needs of a client and translate those into communications strategy.

Jim is also the former Chairman of Eggplant Digital, an Internet marketing company which uses open source technologies to enable clients to go live in 21 days.

He was an active member of the the British Chamber of Commerce in China Executive Committee, serving as Vice Chair from 2017-2019. 

In 2013 Jim established the Morgan Motor Company import business in China, and created the British Motorsport Festival. In 2015 he played the role of Interim CEO of Lotus cars China.

​Jim was founder of the British Business Awards in 2008 to celebrate British ‘Innovation, Enterprise and Endeavour.’ He was Chairman of the Awards in 2018.

As an entrepreneur Jim served on the Board of China Entrepreneurs from 2006 to 2007 and co-founded the Beijing chapter of the global Entrepreneurs Organization.

On Demand team of professionals

You may find our consultants not in the office, as that is how they stay focused and energised when they are at work. Technology liberates our team to work whenever and from wherever they want to.

We have consultants and partner agencies worldwide. This is because we’ve lived and worked all over the world, and managed campaigns for global clients. Just let us know where you need to get noticed and we will get the right people working for you because we are EASTWEST.

We used to hire lots of consultants and rent a large office; and then I had to find exactly the right amount of work for the team I had and make people work on clients for which they had no interest. Worst of all,  I was working for the landlord. There had to be a better way and technology has enabled this, demographic trends have made it a necessity, and companies like Uber and Airbnb have demonstrated that a company can manage the customer experience and deliver value without a heavy balance sheet.

We have built a brand to attract clients, an operational infrastructure to enable delivery, and a business model which attracts consultants to work with us on a flexible basis. 

By leveraging the on-demand services model we keep our costs low, avoiding the costs of office rental and large payrolls, and are able to pass these savings onto our clients. There isn’t a compromise in quality, because the consultants are motivated by their own reputation and need to earn fees against actual work. As a company we spend more time taking care of clients and less on managing staff and operations. 


Our role is to listen to the client, understand their needs, and develop a strategy which is going to be the most appropriate for them. Where we save the time and money is by using consultants who want to retain their freedom and specialisations by working as freelancers. What this also means is that offer clients the best consultant for the work on hand, because we are not trying to sell a client our staff nor train consultants on the job at the expense of the patience of a client.


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