How Adjust told the world that 94% of Chinese mobile applications are available in the U.S.

  Leading Technology company, Adjust, turns to PR Agency to tell the industry that of 1,897 apps, 1,205 apps had more installs outside of China than inside of it!

Adjustfounded in 2012, is a technology-led company that conducts business tracking, analyzing mobile advertising data and making reference to user’s marketing behavior.

In December 2017 Adjust published a whitepaper entitled ‘ How do China’s apps perform outside of China?’ regarding of China’s apps performance abroad in 2017, including the stat that of 1,897 Chinese apps, 1,205 apps had more installs outside of China than inside of it! Adjust has installed its Software development kit (SDK) into 1.3 billion mobile devices worldwide and can process up to 1000TB of mobile application data per month, making it an essential player in the field of mobile data analytics. Adjust asked   EASTWEST PR, to amplify the awareness of this report in traditional and on-line media in China. Within 14 days we achieved 21 pieces of coverage in Tier 1 Gaming & App media including   Sina Games, Sohu Mobile Games, Ifeng Games, People Games, Tencent Games,   China Ad Portal, China Ads, iResearchEastday News, Zaker. Adjust on SINA Adjust on SINA India is crazy for Chinese apps! There are more installs of Chinese apps in India than in any other country outside of China. Indonesia and the USA came in second and third place. The top three countries by app share are the USA, Japan and Indonesia. Broken down by vertical, India drives the highest number of installs for utility and entertainment apps. Indonesia, the USA and the Philippines love gaming apps, with the US spending the most money in-app. From a sample of 1,897 apps, 1,205 apps had more installs outside of China than inside of it!


Adjust demonstrates that 94.6% mobile applications have entered the U.S. market; Japan India, the Philippines, and the UK comes the second to the fifth, which means more than 3/4 of mobile applications have set foot in the overseas market. Although China’s mobile applications have shown up in the overseas market, it has only 10% of installation rate in India, followed by Indonesia with 9.2%, in part because of a large number of Chinese people in the region. Chinese mobile games are welcomed overseas; Indonesia has the highest installation rate and followed by the U.S. market with 12%. Nearly 13% of instrument installation rate took place in India followed by Brazil and the United States. Besides, India accounted for the most significant share of entertainment application.  

Results Achieved: 

Adjust to publish the white paper on China’s performance overseas in 2017 has maximized the media exposure in China. As of 22, December 2017, 21 media have published Adjust’s press release.   Here is the list of media clippings

Publication Name(CH) Publication   Name(EN) Tier Media Type DailyIP MediaCoverage
1 新浪游戏 Sina Games Tier 1 Online 29,925,000 URL
2 搜狐游戏 Sohu Mobile Games Tier 1 Online 29,925,000 URL
3 凤凰游戏 Ifeng Games Tier 1 Online 315,000 URL
4 人民网游戏 People Games Tier 1 Online 2,340,000 URL
5 腾讯游戏 Tencent Games Tier 1 Online 48,225,000 URL
6 中华网游戏 China Games Tier 1 Online 28,500 URL
7 游戏茶馆 Game Teahouse Tier 2 Online 1,500 URL
8 手游那点事儿 Mobile Gaming Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
9 游戏体验 Game Experience Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
10 游戏产业观察 Game Observer Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
11 艾瑞网 iResearch Tier 1 Online 29,250 URL
12 广告技术流 AdExchanger Tier 2 Online 3,500 URL
13 TopMarketing TopMarketing Tier 2 Online 3,000 URL
14 中国广告门户网 China Ad Portal Tier 1 Online 20,250 URL
15 中华广告网 China Ads Tier 1 Online 42,750 URL
16 第一营销网 Top Marketing Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
17 中国营销资源在线 China Marketing Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
18 东方网 Eastday News Tier 1 Online 1,980,000 URL
19 Zaker Zaker Tier 1 Online 72,750 URL
20 果乐头条 ITune123 Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL
21 风之恋奇迹资讯网 Miracle News Tier 2 Online 1,000 URL

What the Editors Wrote: In spite of the fact that the United States is the second largest install apps country in the world, American games spend less time in the game. And they are not likely to visit applications and trigger conversations or events as in other regions. However, Indonesian mobile game market offered a tremendous growth space for Chinese mobile game developers to consider promoting freemium model in this high retention but low-yield areas to monetize from advertising. Despite the unsatisfactory retention performance (8% on day 30), the United States may be the best-performing country on overall revenue regarding free games and entertainment applications. Although Russia’s share of installations is not high, lower than in Indonesia and the Philippines, users have high IAPs expenditure behaviors. Chinese application developers should pay more attention to getting users from the market. Adjust’ analysis shows that the cost of access to the U.S. market is far higher than any other countries. The IAP is still a stable source of making a profit. Indonesia and India deserve the attention of Chinese mobile application developers for their excellent overall performance, but their return on investment is far less than in other countries. For this particular market, China mobile application developers need to provide necessary support to maintain market share in these regions. In short, Indonesia is more suitable as a platform for launching applications. Before setting foot in the lucrative markets like the U.S. and Russia; the developers will need to lay a solid foundation in the Indonesian market.

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