How I told the story of the British wooden sports cars to radio listeners in Beijing as the importer of Morgan cars to China

By Jim James,

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There’s nothing like driving a Morgan car. Morgan Cars is the oldest, privately held car company in the world, and it was originally founded in 1909 in Malvern, Worcestershire by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. It is a classic car, but it’s recently built and built-to-order for each individual customer, and seeing one will take you back to the 1930s in an open road in the English countryside. The great thing about these cars is that they are soft-top so you can take the top down, and this is the very epitome and feeling of driving.

The original Morgan Cars were actually three-wheelers built by Henry Morgan himself to cross the Malvern hills to get to work every morning. Three wheelers were very popular back in the day until the 1930s after which, four-wheelers were introduced.

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What makes Morgan Cars special

When driving a Morgan car, with the wooden steering wheel made Moto-lita from Hampshire, relatively simple suspension, great brakes, leather seats from Scotland, a really nice powerful engine, but none of the new technologies that separate the car from the driver, you get to have fun being behind the wheel again and it takes you all back to the excitement of what driving should be. It really is an occasion, getting in the car, driving the car with the top down at 60-70 miles an hour brings sheer pleasure and excitement as you take charge of this beautifully handcrafted machine.

Driving a Morgan car allows you to enjoy the journey as you drive or ride in it, not just get yourself from one place to another. With the top down, you can feel everything. One person described driving a Morgan car as driving in technicolor. It’s not just what you see; it’s what you feel. It’s the wind, the sound, the smells, and it’s a complete rush.

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In modern cars, you’re separated from the environment by a metal cocoon, and you’re lost as to what’s going on around you. With Morgan Cars, you can take the top down, you can hear the engine, the road, the wind, and the countryside rushing by, and that’s where the thrill comes from. This gets the adrenaline rushing in a way that most cars don’t do these days. It changes the whole feeling of driving. There’s this sense of being at one with the nature and with the countryside, and that’s when Morgan comes into its own, when you can enjoy the speed and nature all at once. 

The idea of cars came from taking a horse and carriage and putting wheels and an engine on to replace the horse. What’s special about Morgan is that in the same factory, 180 craftspeople hand-build cars individually for each customer, creating a metal chassis, a wooden frame with alloy, and real leather hand-tailored to the seats, and bonnets that are hand cut from one large piece of steel. Carpenters work to create the elegant wooden frames, which is quite unheard of when making cars. The technology is in the craftsmanship in the Morgan factory, and it is still the same craftsmanship, technology, and tools that have been used for around 100 years. 

This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast SPEAK|pr, you can listen here.

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