How to get your press release noticed and read

It’s the holiday season and as a PR professional, you probably have a pile of press releases on your table to disseminate before the holiday shopping craze hits. This also means, your endeared media friends would also receive a considerable amount of press releases during the period. The next question is how to get your press release noticed and read instead of others’.   Some industry experts have been debating on whether press release is dead in times like this where people can get any information they want off the Internet. Experts conclude that in order for a press release to be noticed, it should contain “content that can be widely shared” as “people are tweeting the daylights out of press releases”.   Sarah Skerik, Vice President from PR Newswire, said ten years ago, many people would read a press release within 72 hours after it’s uploaded. Today, press releases only generate half of their reads over the first four days, the other half would only be accrued in the next four months and beyond.   Skerik is generous enough to give us some tips on how to write a compelling and interesting press release based on her experience and data. 1. Use natural language Because search engines prefer that, to jargon or marketing-speak.   2. Go easy on links Skerik once analyzed the worst-performing 500 out of a set of 20,000 press releases to find out why. Apparently, a preponderance of links included in a press release, annoys the readers and makes search engines see it as a spam.   3. Cut down unnecessary capitalization Use of littered capital letters all over the press release is hard to read and a big turnoff for readers.   4. Ability to recirculate We always see people share videos that we’ve watched before on Social Media. And that’s the beauty of different content on the Internet – its accessibility to people on their own time frame and the ability to be recirculated. Thus, always write a press release in the way that enables it to be shared over time.   5. Tweetable information Twitter has become one of the major channels via which people get snippets of information of what’s happening in the world. And your press release should ride on the trend. Include some tweetable pitches in your press release or cover letter to make the journalists’ job easier.   6. Be bold and willing to try new things In September, @AmazonKindle team issued a press release in a series of 14 tweets, allowing the readers to retweet the parts that interested them the most. Amazon Kindle Just like the E-book, Amazon Kindle team has demonstrated how much can be done digitally.   If your client happens to be an innovator in a certain industry, try deploying some of the new social media tools for your press release. You might just get awarded for your bravado and creativity.   7. Feed your influencers regularly There are media, social media gurus, and analysts on your influencers list. Remember to always give them information of the happenings with your client. Or better, give them exclusive content, and you’ll have an enthusiast for life.   The original article can be found on PR Daily.

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