How to: online live broadcasting

CNN and CCTV won’t broadcast your show? Try online streaming and start broadcasting live from your office. Ustream,, and are all online video streaming platforms that allow users to produce live streaming video. Once logged in, your can start broadcasting live just by using a webcam or a mobile phone (i.e. using the Ustream app) Besides enabling you to broadcast online, an interesting point is that platforms like Ustream also allows your audience to interact, such as vote in polls, rate, chat etc. The iPhone and Android applications allows users to watch and chat. Let’s see how to create your first broadcast using Ustream. Before the show  

  • Audience

Inform your audience. If you want to broadcast a product launch or a press conference, make sure that your have communicated the link and broadcast time to your audience.  

  • Equipment

Before showtime, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the graphics like lower-thirds, logos and text. Livestream has a built-in editor that enable you to customize your storyboard.

  • Bandwidth When you broadcast, your outgoing bandwidth will be very important. That’s your upload speed. You can do a Ustream show with only 300 kbps, but the video will stop and start a lot. For high-quality video, you’ll need at least 900 kbps, and more is better.
  • Webcam A high resolution is good but keep in mind that if you use high quality video, you take the risk of slowing down the streaming. Test and adapt your configuration according to your bandwidth.

Create a show on Ustream Log into your account (create it if not done yet)

  1. Click ‘My Shows’.
  2. Then click ‘Create New Standard Show’ and fill out the description form
  3. Click ‘Create Show’. You’ll see the show saved in your ‘My Shows’ list.
  4. Click ‘Allow’ to let the player use your camera
  5. In CamTwist, or WebCam Max click ‘Deploy’.
  6. In Ustream, Click ‘Start Broadcast’.

That’s it – it’s not live!

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