How to Register a .cn website domain name

CNNIC is the official organization responsible for administering and managing .cn and Chinese domain names ( in 1997, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)  operates under China’s Ministry of Information and Industry (MII), an agency that oversees telecommunications, multimedia, broadcasting and satellite transmissions across China.

What are the principles for registering .CN domain names?

You may register a CN domain name with not more than 63 English letters containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and hyphen (-). Capital and small letters are equivalent.

How to register a .CN or a Chinese domain name

CNNIC accredited Chinese Domain Name registrars responsible for providing Chinese Domain Name registration services. Namerich is an example of registrars that can provide with these services ( Based on the principle of "first come, first serve", you may select one of them, and go to their website to proceed with the online registration. Any business or organization, worldwide, can register a .cn name under a new liberalized policy that no longer restricts .cn registrations to   Chinese. Currently the registration is not yet open to individuals.

When you register a simplified Chinese domain name, you will automatically and freely get a traditional Chinese domain name. If you want to engage a dispute related to Chinese Domain Name, you shall contact the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Center.

About .CN domain names

.CN is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for mainland China. It is currently the sixth most common top-level domain, after .com, .de, .net, .uk and .org with over 7.62 million registrations. Second-level domain names include generic second-level domains such as, and, and second-level domains of provinces such as, and

  • AC for academic institutions
  • COM for Industrial, commercial, financial enterprises
  • EDU for educational institutions
  • GOV for government departments
  • NET for networks, NICs and NOCs
  • ORG for non-for-profit organizations
  • MIL for military

About Chinese domain names

Chinese domain names are domain names that contains at least one Chinese character. Domain names with Chinese characters may also be registered at the second level under the .cn TLD. Latest June, ICANN approved the use of the internationalized TLD .中国 (".china" in Simplified) and .中國 (".china" in Traditional) by CNNIC. These two TLDs were added to the DNS in July 2010. Moreover, CNNIC also proposes Chinese domain names in .公司 (".com" in Chinese) and .网络 (".net" in Chinese). However, these are not recognized by ICANN and are only available via domestic registrars.

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