Is Linkedin the key media in Asia Pacific that your public relations campaign is missing?

Is your company making the most of Linkedin for business marketing in Asia?Linkedin in AsiaWith traditional and business media in retreat, a massive opportunity often overlooked by businesses is Linkedin. It’s treated as if it is the grey suit version of Facebook, but of course it really isn’t especially when taking into account groups and slideshare. Linkedin also isn’t just an American phenomenon, it’s really the foundation of business networking in Asia Pacific.LinkedIn reports over 590 million users spread over 200 countries. In October 2018, 154 million LinkedIn users were based in the US. With 53 million LinkedIn users, India is the second-biggest market, followed by China at 44 million.Singapore 2m, Philippines 6m, Malaysia 4m, Indonesia 11m, Australia 10m.61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, 40 million are in decision-making positions. Which company would not want to talk to this audience?In spite of the stats, only 1% of users post content weekly, though 91% of executive use LinkedIn as a content source, 130,000 articles are published on LinkedIn monthly and a stunning 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn. Source: Business of Apps.

As an Agency, EASTWEST Public Relations can help. We provide the following services to Linkedin marketing to clients in Business to Business in Asia.
1. Profile the person. 
People search on Linkedin for experts, as much as they do or more from Google, so the profile is the first place to start. It’s important then to complete the profiles – to include photos, employment full company descriptions and links, education.
When a prospect completes a search for a provider who can help them to solve a problem, the all star profiles rise to the top.
2. Posting to the account
Posts that stimulate conversations will drive a noticeable amount of traffic to a website, especially to the source of the content.
2.1 Original Articles
2.2 Posting pieces from the global website or blog
2.3 Posting industry pieces from within Linkedin and other media channels.
3. Joining relevant Groups.
These have message boards to which clients can contribute, and more over learn what is the current trending conversation in order to stay relevant and take part in new events.
These are now exceeding the number of subscribers to website newsletters, and they are all opt in and qualified!
A search for groups classified as ‘technology professionals asia’ brings up 76 results.
Take for example, Singapore Computer Society group which has 2,399 professionals. SCS is the largest IT professional body in Singapore, and an invaluable network of technology professionals and specialists. Administers the Certification for IT Project managers.
4. Newsfeeds on Linkedin
Posting articles to the newsfeeds positions the author as an authority, they are curating and narrating the conversation within a niche. This helps the company to be invited as guest speakers to events for example.

5. Building the networkLastly, but not least, we need to increase the number of connections the person has by reaching out to relevant people. We can start with all their colleagues of course. How often we find leaders of organizations don’t have time to post to Linkedin, having less followers than junior staff.Finally, is a Linkedin profile a company or personal property?As long as the person is working for a company, they represent the brand and how they do that reflects on the company they keep. The profile is like a business card and trade show booth all at one digital platform; so why would that be left to the individual to manage?  They can have oversight on the content to be posted, but ultimately the role of the Agency is to bring more business to the company via the representative who is employed for that role, which must be in the interests of both at the same time.Get in touch with us today if you want to get connected, and to get more business via Linkedin.Every day that passes is a missed connection.Click here 

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