Is Old PR Going the Way of the Dodo?

I recently came across an article while searching through Google News that predicts that public relations in the traditonal sense is about to go the way of the dodo. Fuat Kircaali, who is the founder and CEO of SYS-CON Media, predicts in his article, “Is the PR Business Extinct? Yes”, that roughly 70% of today’s PR firms that are using traditional PR and communications business structures will not survive the new media revolution that is already upon us. The remaining surviving 30% will be the ones that have reinvented their position from their previous traditional approach, and because of that, will prosper. Kircaali argues that current rules state that information can be made public through press releases or conference calls, and not simply put on a website and picked up by the blogosphere. He claims 90% of today’s PR firms are still around because of this one simple little rule. People are slowly begining to challenge this rule with even the White House completely bypassing traditional media outlests and vehicles by posting the President’s weekly radio addresses on the its website.  If Kircaali’s portent is true, traditional PR agencies will soon be swept away by the tidal wave of social media. Only the ones that have built surfboards to ride that wave will still be around tomorrow. Kircaali concludes that tomorrow’s PR agencies (the ones that have not gone extinct), will be full of professional corporate bloggers. Those that have the largest number of well-read and respected corporate bloggers will be on top. He predicts that the new hot job description in a few years will be the “professional corporate blogger”. Read his complete article by clicking the link below. Source: SYS-CON.TV

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