It’s an Influential World: Connecting with Influencers

ConnectingIfluencersLast year, EASTWEST began a strategy called “Connecting the Influencers”. The premise of this strategy is simple: to identify each month the leading influencers in traditional and new media outlets. We began with about an 80% focus on traditional media journalists, with the remaining being new media journalists, such as bloggers and social media commentators. We soon realized, however, that some of the biggest influencers were online, not on TV or in print. We then decided to expand our focus to new media journalists in addition to traditional print and broadcast journalists. New media journalists often amass huge followers on their blogs, on Facebook, or on Twitter. They are often more influential than traditional journalists. For the PR practitioner, they are the ideal journalist. With the few quick online searches, you can learn a great deal about them, their professional lives, their private lives, their likes, their dislikes, and even what they want to write about next. They offer all this information about themselves freely to anyone on the Internet who is willing to listen. After we began to identify the influencers, we soon began to realize how inter-connected they all are. One influencer influencers another, and so on. By targeting these influencers and communicating with them, we have been able to reach whole new audiences and attract regional influencers on behalf of our clients. By simply doing the research and identifying the influencers in your target industry, you open up a wealth of opportunities that go far beyond just simply targeting traditional media journalists. These influencers are changing the way people listen. Isn’t about time that we stop ignoring them? To find out more how EASTWEST can help you connect with your industry influencers, contact us today at

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