Japan is working hard towards recovery – TrainTracks MD

I am sharing an email I recently received from Ms. Yukiko Harada, managing director of TrainTracks, a Tokyo-based marketing agency and a good friend and partner of EASTWEST PR. Yukiko-san shares hers and her fellow Japanese’s optimism on Japan ‘s recovery after the recent disasters in the northern part of the country. She appeals to friends outside of Japan to support the country by  getting/sharing only the accurate information about the developments in Japan. On Saturday, 19 March 2011, Yukiko-san wrote: To all my friends who love Japan,1 week after this nightmare, I’m very thankful for my friends abroad who’ve reached out to me. But I must admit I’m deeply saddened to hear about all the hysteria created by the foreign media.Tokyo, and Japan overall, is facing a very tough situation after the earthquake. I’m very sad, but it’s not chaos here. Everyone is working hard towards recovery! Friends abroad have said to me “This is the END of Japan! Why aren’t you leaving NOW??” Let me make it clear that I have never for a moment considered leaving or abandoning Japan. I believe many Japanese people will agree with me.Sadly, many foreign companies in Japan have evacuated their staff, or moved their entire staff down south to Osaka, causing even more confusion and fear even in Tokyo. People are worried this panic may further worsen the entire Japanese economy, especially affecting small to mid-sized businesses.I learned that Daniel Kahl, a famous TV personality in Japan, has started tweeting (@danielkahl) about the earthquake and relief efforts, trying to relay accurate information to English speakers in Japan. He sent a personal message via YouTube yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH7JYAphuTE&feature=youtu.be&aPlease don’t rely solely on your own country’s media, but open your eyes and ears to what other media, including Japanese media, is reporting. I’ve also started trying to upload news from Japan on our company website: http://www.traintracks.jp/en/index.html In addition to the above, here are some good Japanese media sources about the situation in Japan I can recommend: 1) The Japan Times Online (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/). (by Alex Martin, Japan-based correspondent)2) Kyodo News (wire service) (http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2011/03/79477.html3) The Daily Yomiuri (http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/)4) Live Stream the English version of NHK news (kind of like BBC)http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tvAlso, a good article on the Washington Post by an expat in Japan:http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-im-not-fleeing-japan/2011/03/16/ABQsdhk_story.htmlSee you all soon and have a great week ahead!Best Regards, Yukiko Harada, TrainTracks Inc.

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