Linkedin for B2B: 8 good reasons to use it

LinkedIn has become a key tool for marketing manager, head-hunters, branding manager, etc. With new features like the company profiles, the product/service pages or online job ads, LinkedIn is invaluable for getting insight into key topics, and creating opportunities to meet prospective clients and business partners. A few numbers about the platform:

  • LinkedIn has more than 60 million members
  • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members

But here are 8 good reasons to use LinkedIn for your B2B business: 1. Recommend your favorite products and services on LinkedIn Company Pages For companies, both large brands as well as small businesses, Company pages now allows you to showcase recommendations from your customers and helps build your brand virally and credibly on LinkedIn. Each time a LinkedIn member endorses your products or services, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections and could spread virally. When you promote and curate these recommendations, you have some of the most credible, authentic endorsements of your products on your Company Page’s Product tab.   2. Get visibility within your industry People tend to stay in one sector for their career, and so if you start to build a network in a focused way, you will quickly get to the point where anyone you want to speak to is a second degree connection so just one introduction away. People’s activity on groups is visible to their connections who are also likely to be in the same industry, so word spreads fast. 3. Monitor your company’s buzzCompany Buzz is an application from Linkedin that help you monitor messages sent out on Twitter about your brand or other subjects Once you reach a certain age, contacts or colleagues from early roles have often moved onto greater things and are working in a range of companies. This is true for your own network and also for your connections; their ex-colleagues may just be working at your target company. 4. Get a foot in the door Gatekeepers often intercept phone calls or emails to senior decision-makers, but they are more likely to pick up Linked-in updates on their personal email account or on their mobile. So if they recognise your name your message is much more likely to get across. 5. Analyse potential partners LinkedIn allow you to browse potential vendors, clients or business partners. Company profiles, product/service lists, recommendations can help you profile your targets with accuracy.   6. Content can be followed up online If you have expertise to share via blogs, video, presentations, discussions in groups or plain old web content, then your connections can check it out with a click and decide whether they want to hear more. Slideshare: Share business presentations and demos with your network7. Public credentials It’s great to make a good impression with a client.  Collect recommendations from clients,  senior individual to put greater weight on your testimonial. 8. Develop thought leadership with Linkedin’s updates The LinkedIn "updates" are similar to Twitter. 140 characters enable you to share news, opinions and questions with your community. Add links to these updates to add value to your communication. Make sure you publish relevant content to attract your key audience.  

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