LinkedIn PR Crisis Roundup

Crisis occurs when safety measures are not well taken care of. Organizations have to be prepared to take on a crisis when it occurs. Everyone would expect a big organization such as LinkedIn to have a crisis management plan in the event if their systems are being hacked. But there are also instances, where big organizations’ public relations are not prepared or choose not to step into the picture for whatever reasons. LinkedIn hit the headlines with the recent crisis of their systems being hacked. 6.5 million passwords were posted online and LinkedIn has confirmed this. Looking at the amount of data stolen, the hackers are believed to be lingering in the system for several days or even weeks, based on an analysis by Marcus Carey, security researcher at Boston-based Rapid7. While investigations are still ongoing, the hackers may still be able to access the system and this would cause inconvenience for the users who have changed their passwords for the second time. Email accounts containing personal information could be at risk as the users includes organizations and governments around the world. Experts who have examined the stolen data from LinkedIn have commented that the social network provider did not use the best practice in securing its network from being hacked. Just last year a security researcher highlighted that LinkedIn security needs to be tightened as it has loopholes which are vulnerable to attacks. With all these happenings, the officials of LinkedIn declined to comment and the public relations team still remained silent. LinkedIn has sent emails to all affected users in their lists to highlight the need to change their passwords. News articles of tips on " how to protect yourself online" can be found on various sites to guide users on password security. Blog posts and tweets were made by LinkedIn with regards to the crisis stating that investigations are still ongoing. From a Public relations perspective,  LinkedIn should have a contingency plan in place due to the nature of its business if safety measures are not well taken care of such situations will happen. The PR team of LinkedIn should be the voice of the organization when it comes to media relations. Good PR planning can prevent a crisis. To find out more.  Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Weibo Source: Today Online, Techshout, Forbes, The Sun

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