Marketing Budget Trends for B2B Firms

At EASTWEST PR we aim to ensure our clients are seen in their best light. Inevitably, B2B firms are restricted by their marketing budget. Recently with the development of technology and opportunities in social media, B2B firms have found new ways to promote their business online. Resultantly money can be spent in may ways such as website design, email campaigns, search marketing, and social media. Claudia, at Marketing Sherpa, has sighted search engine optimization and email marketing as the best methods. Her findings are validated by the graph below that shows 11 percent of B2B marketing budgets are devoted to email, while 12 percent go to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has the potential to boosts website traffic. When website traffic increases, knowledge of your business will increase too. If a firm shows up first on a search engine list, they have an advantage over competitors. More viewers and more knowledge means more potential customers. Does your business rank high enough? Email marketing is commonly thought to be cost-effective; however, this is only true if the money is spent correctly. Expenses like list rental, email distribution programs, and content creation are just a couple of the costs that can be damaging. Nevertheless, email marketing has substantial benefits that validate the required expenses. Many of the costs such as content creation are a valuable investment as they can be regurgitated for other purposes. Like social media websites, email marketing can be an exchange of useful information. A client’s needs and expectations can be better met with good communication methods. A more rounded idea of what your customers want and how you can improve your current strategy can be given if you have the appropriate feedback. B2B companies should also want to connect with the clients or customers and build a relationship faster than their competitors can. If this is a healthy relationship, a firm can gain influence over the customer or client. Combined with good SEO management, effective email marketing can be of huge significance to a firms marketing strategy. At EASTWEST PR we want to ensure you have the means to reach your current and potential customers with the most up to date methods. Contact us here to see how we can help market your business.  

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