Mobility is the new buzzword

Last month, mobile advertising network AdMob released statistical data estimating that 480,000 iPhone OS (iOS) devices in Singapore had accessed their network in April 2010. Major banks like Standard Chartered and OCBC Securities also announced in May, the launch of their mobile banking and trading applications for the iPhone. It is no surprise that, with this evolution towards mobility, banking loyalty programs are also moving onto the mobile platform. In a video interview produced by EASTWEST Public Relations, Sebastien Slim, Vice-president Global Pre-sales and Product Marketing of Welcome Real-time, speaks about the current trends in loyalty programs specific to financial institutions in Singapore and the Asia-pacific region. Welcome Real-time Welcome Real-time

EASTWEST PR: With regards to banking loyalty, what opportunities do you see for Asia? Sebastien Slim: I think there is one very exciting opportunity which is around the mobile phone. Today we see a lot of banks launching mobile banking and mobile payments applications. A report that was released in the last quarter of 2009 mentioned that there were more smartphones sold in the world than PCs. This is a great opportunity for banks to leverage the mobile platform that is spread across all their customers. They do not need to build a new infrastructure. They just need to use the infrastructure that is already in place. Welcome Real-time sees this as an exciting opportunity for the banks to manage loyalty programs from the mobile and drive redemption from the mobile. We are also looking at potentially issuing coupons that are driven from the mobile as well. Welcome Real-time Welcome Real-time

EWPR: Can you explain how the technology behind the Welcome Real-time solution works? Sebastien: Customer behaviour and data is stored on our server and we are able use this information to provide the same experience for customers across all payments means. Whether it is an in-store purchase, an internet purchase or a mobile purchase, we can provide them with the same level of functionalities. One of our customers that recently launched on the marketplace have been communicating a lot on being able to reward one hundred percent of customer transactions which is a very strong proposition for the bank. If you would like to watch the entire series of videos from the Interview with Sebastien Slim of Welcome Real-time, please visit their YouTube Channel.

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