Multiply Your Influence Using the Multiplier Effect

Here at EASTWEST PR, we are constantly looking for new ways to get our clients noticed using both traditional and new media strategies. As we expand our focus towards the little understood and often unexploited area of new media, we have observed the interesting phenomena that we call the “Multiplier Effect of Influencers”, which, simply put, means that there are certain people using social media that are highly influential and are capable of delivering your message to large numbers of people across multiple networks. They could be citizen journalists or someone with a large number of followers on Twitter. They may have a blog and they may use multiple social networking platforms and services. These influencers are the “journalists of new media”. Unlike traditional journalists, there is no number to call or email address to send a press release. The main vehicle to communicating to these influencers is through content. By placing content online in relevant online groups and pages, these influencers will use this content and carry your message across their networks. The key is to make sure that the content is relevant and compelling enough to get the interest and attention of influencers. Influencers2 To the left is a diagram that we use to demonstrate how the Multiplier Effect works. At the center, you or a consultant working on your campaign uses content as the main tool to communicate to the identified influencers. It is important to note that not everyone will be influencers; some will be followers. Content is then shared with the identified influencers or followers. These identified influencers will then share this content across their networks to the unidentified influencers and followers, who, in turn, carry on the message. Your message is “multiplied” throughout online new media platforms. New media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, offer enormous audiences of people that are often underexploited. The advantages of creating content, be it videos or blog posts, and sharing it with the online community, is that you will reach this huge, largely untapped audience of people. The key to reaching this audience is to identify a handful of influencers who will then carry on your message across their networks. The content could be as simple as a Youtube video of a spokesperson interview or an industry insight write-up. With the media landscape changing, these influencers are becoming the new journalists. Can you afford to ignore them? To find out more about identifying influencers and leveraging content across multiple networks, contact EASTWEST at

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