Navigating 2011 as Connectors

Listing down resolutions is a routine for many at the start of every year. Social networking sites, particularly Facebook walls, were flooded (and still are) with 2011 resolutions. Losing weight still ranks number one in NY resolution – in my circle of friends, that is. Some of the very Facebook-oriented NY resolutions I’ve read include (a) cleaning up of friend’s list; (b) tweaking privacy settings in profiles so as not to expose too much of themselves in the Web; and (3) avoiding angsty wall posts and hostile comments online, among others. It’s very typical to associate one’s resolution to his or her bad habits, and vice versa. Although correcting bad habits is a very progressive thing to do, I’d like to view ‘New Year’s resolution-making’ on a more positive light. More than reforming, my personal and business NY resolution was centred on goal-setting. Goals identification was on top of the EASTWEST team’s agenda as we came back from NY holidays. Most of the goals identified were not radically different from those of the past years. They are many to mention but can be summarised into five core objectives: (1)    Navigating client relationships. ‘Clients first’ motto still prevails this year. (2)    Improving health of the business. Asia has very much transcended the financial crisis of 2007-2010 and the number of prospective clients ringing in is a positive indication of a better year. (3)    Growing people. People development through trainings especially in the area of Digital will continue to be a focus. (4)    Using technology and selectively outsourcing. In the knowledge-based economy, we continue to innovate service and leverage new technologies and PR expertise to help clients and EASTWEST stand out. is a very exciting product of this. (5)    Connecting with influencers and honing our role as Connectors. Gladwell always inspire. What are your PR resolves for the year 2011? Let’s connect now.

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