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What do the recent Royal Wedding and Osama Bin Laden have in common? Both made it viral on social media platforms. The news of Osama Bin Laden death sparked a record 12.4 million tweets per hour while the Royal Wedding gained over two billion views on YouTube and made it on Twitter’s top trending topics. These two events raise the question of speed between traditional news and social media, Twitter has become the source through which millions of individuals stay informed and a medium through which news is distributed faster than one can blink. Twitter was the first to break out the news of Osama’s death before mainstream media such as CNN and even before the President of the United States made the official announcement live. As much as social media has become the resource for many individuals to get their daily news, traditional media still remains the first choice when people want to get valid and in depth information about an event. Traditional media are seeing the advantage of new technology and new media and are slowly shifting their resources to cater for a fast and on the go consumer demand. Social media is redefining the term ‘media’ .We are not seeing the end of traditional media but the convergence of media outlets to a digital news medium.

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