One person, it could be you, can make 1,729 impressions in a month just by sending emails everyday

By Jim James,

Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of the SPEAK|pr Podcast

If you’re not using auto signatures, you’re missing out on quite a good opportunity to get more coverage and more followers. One platform that can help you with this is Newoldstamp, which easily allows you to create templates in their dashboard and then just as easily cut and paste the link into your email management system. It only needs to be done once to automatically update the auto signature in your system, and it’s a seamless process too. 

There are a number of elements in every auto signature. These auto signatures can include a link to a calendar, a link to a podcast, and a link to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Newoldstamp also allows the addition of a banner about a newsletter that people can subscribe to. 

Why it helps to know your metrics

In only a month, EASTWEST PR has managed to send out emails that have got a combined 1,754 impressions. The company logo itself has had over 1,000 impressions, and the banner ad has garnered 725 impressions. So, one of the benefits of using a platform like Newoldstamp is the metrics. Simply looking at the email outbox will provide no clue as to what’s really happened to one’s sent emails, but with metrics, you can see which days there are more clickthroughs, what countries people are clicking from, and what device people are using, whether desktop or mobile, and what operating system people are using, whether it’s Android, Mac, iOS, or Windows. 

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In the SPEAK|pr program, which stands for Storify, Personalise, Engage, Amplify, and to Know, there is a need to identify the habits of your avatar, such as where they are consuming the content and on which devices, because if you’re sending content on a device to a person at a time when it’s not optimised for them, it’s basically wasted. So in other words, if you’re sending people emails hoping people will click the banner to set up an appointment but you’re sending that at a time when they’re going to be on their mobile device yet it’s only optimised for the desktop, that’s not going to land properly. If you’re sending content during work hours through the email to someone at the desktop asking them to make an appointment with you, using the auto signature is absolutely key, whereas putting a request for an appointment at the end of a social media post is going to be redundant. 

Newoldstamp also allows for integrations with GSuite, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365, and it has a large number of other partners that they integrate with. As mentioned, thanks to their help, it got EASTWEST PR nearly 1,800 impressions. If you have 10 members of staff using their auto signatures as emails are being sent out, possibly 20,000 per month, even if you’re only getting 0.1% CTR, you could be getting 70 click throughs to your website and another 10 or 20 subscribers to your newsletter. The point is it’s about incremental gains. You may not get massive gains in one fell swoop, but by using an auto signature, you certainly can get a great gain for next to no cost. 

How you can make the most out of Newoldstamp’s affordable service

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In terms of Newoldstamp’s pricing, it’s $36 per month for 25 signatures, $54 per month for 50 signatures, and $99 a month for 100 signatures. This is truly a great opportunity to create premium email signature templates and customisable promotion banners along with the ability to manage everything centrally, so that if you change one thing, the auto signature of everybody in the organisation instantly has that change applied as well. You can also choose your own fonts and your own social media icons, and all of this comes without any advertising from Newoldstamp inside of your emails, which makes it a pretty amazing offer. 

If you want to start seeing your emails as part of a marketing strategy, the Knowing part of SPEAK|pr is Knowing how much you’re doing and getting some metrics of that work, so that you can see whether you’re being consistent over time. Everyone sends or receives emails every day, and monitoring and tracking that can prove to be quite useful. Ultimately, email marketing starts with auto signatures, so if you’re corresponding to people, let them know what you do, and you can do that with an auto signature.

This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast SPEAK|pr, you can listen here.

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