Online B2B marketing – trends and stats

"B2B MARKETERS ALLOCATE APPROXIMATELY 26% OF THEIR TOTAL MARKETING BUDGETS TO CONTENT MARKETING" Content marketing has become a critical component of B2B marketing. In this post, we discover some key findings of a research done by Marketo. This will help you identify the most popular types of content and channels, why they are used, and their effectivness?

Most popular content

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Types of Content

• Articles • Presentations • Blog Posts • Press Releases • Books/eBooks • Product Data Sheets • Brochures/manuals • Reference Guides • Case Studies • Resource Libraries • Email • RSS/XML Feeds • Images • Videos • Information Guides • Webinars/Webcasts • Microsites/Web Pages • White Papers • Online Courses • Widgets • Podcasts/Videocasts • Workbook

Usage of the top 4 social media

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Spending by company size

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