Optalysys showcases latest prototype for genomic searching at ICG-12 in China

EASTWEST PR worked with Optalysys for its PR requirements at the    12thInternational Conference of Genomics (ICG-12) that was held in   Shenzhen, China between 26th and 28th October 2017. The PR agency was   responsible for leveraging publicity opportunities for Optalysys at the event   by highlighting its key differentiators and their new innovations. The company also wanted EASTWEST PR to ensure that its achievements gained   special attention amidst key stakeholders at the ICG-12 event.

EASTWEST PR first gained clear understanding of the company’s requirements before coming up with a suitable public relations strategy. Optalysys was demonstrating the latest prototype of its breakthrough technology for genomic searching at ICG-12. In order to give the company a successful launch and also garner attention of key stakeholders, EASTWEST PR came up with a very comprehensive strategy and planned different marketing and communications activities such as securing tier-one media interviews, preparing a press release that was translated to be shared with the Chinese media, and focusing on increasing brand awareness. The public relations agency supported the company during the media interviews with event photography and translation along with additional marketing inputs. The public relations agency arranged a press release for Optalysys with the Chinese media and ensured that the content was translated and localized into simplified Chinese. The release was distributed on October 26, 2017. As a result, a total of eight media publications were secured with top-tier Chinese media houses. EASTWEST PR successfully garnered numerous interviews with tier-one media outlets in China and several articles highlighting the achievements of Optalysys were published. The publications in which carried the news are as follows:(Click the image to see the news)     Optalysys was able to attend interviews with several media houses at the event that were arranged by EASTWEST PR. It had successfully obtained four interview opportunities. Two of these interviews were one-on-one and were conducted during the event with Bio360 and Geneonline. Two interviews were carried out via e-mail with Antpedia and DXY. During the one-on-one interviews EASTWEST PR highlighted the company’s success in the industry and its innovative approach that ensured it brings out cutting edge technology every time. Overall, EASTWEST PR was able to create successful publicity opportunities for Optalysys. The feedback received from Bio 360 and Geneonline was very positive. The public relations agency successfully showcased Optalysys as an industry leader that presented its latest advanced technology in genomic searching. Optalysys was formed to solve the fundamental limitations facing traditional computing. This is at a time when the unquenchable thirst for faster processing ever expanding volumes of data comes face to face with the impending demise of Moore’s Law. Optalysys develops optical high performance processors and solutions that operate at levels well in excess of traditional computing architectures at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption. Optalysys technology uses light, rather than electricity, to perform processor intensive mathematical functions in parallel at incredibly high-speeds and resolutions. The first co-processor product launches Q1/2018, aimed at the genomics market. Read about our much anticipated first product.

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