According to Peter Senge, few if any forces in human affairs are as powerful as a shared vision. At its simplest level, a shared vision is the answer to the question, “what do we want to create?” It is a picture we carry in our heads and our hearts. A vision is truly shared when you and I have a similar picture and are committed to one another’s having it.

But having a shared vision is only one facet of the question. Without governing ideas such as purpose or mission and core values, vision appears more as a good idea, a fantasy or just a catchy slogan. It is purpose or mission and core values that bring vision into everyday practice or our everyday life.

These governing ideas answer the critical questions: “What?Why? and How?” Taken as process, all these governing ideas answer the question: “What do we believe in?”. When AsiaWorks staff graduates say: “We are responsible as people to foster togetherness, to promote the general welfare of society, and to devote ourselves to the further development of a world culture of cooperation and understanding” we are describing the purpose of AsiaWorks. When we say “having the maximum number of people wearing the AsiaWorks pin and holding up four fingers for one another, we are proclaiming our corporate vision. And when we conduct the Basic, Advanced, Mastery, LP and our weekly staff meetings and cover topics such as win-win, openness, honesty, contribution and responsibility, we are practising and teaching AsiaWorks company values.

At AsiaWorks we recognise our responsibility to the community at large. The biggest contribution that AsiaWorks can make is to commit ourselves, without hesitation , to provide the most powerful transformational curriculum yet devised. It is to ensure a state-of-the-art technology that has people standing in a new relationship with themselves, their families, colleagues and community. A relationship in which a new world view emerges that says, “if I am not part of the solution, I am the source of the problem.”

And if AsiaWorks does its job, when our work is done, our aim fulfilled, you will all say, “we did this ourselves!”