Symbiosism Economy Foundation

About Singapore Symbiosism Economy Foundation

Singapore Symbiosism Economy Foundation: “The Foundation” which is formed to created the world-first
symbiosis Eco-system, LivesOne.
LivesOne: The world-first project started by Symbiosism Foundation whose goal is to create a Symbiosis
LivesToken (LVT): The token used in LivesOne to represent a certain value created by user activities.
LivesToken on Chain (LVTC): It’s the same as LVT by a different name, referring to LVT saved on
LivesOne is a new blockchain project built by Symbiosism Economy Foundation. The goal of LivesOne is to
create a new business model utilizing the blockchain technology – Symbiosism Economy Model.
The Symbiosism Economy refers to the ECO-system that formed by different entities (business or non-business)
which benefit from each other’s activities. The formation of this kind of symbiosism will lead to direct
or indirect improvement of resource allocation efficiency within or outside the economic organization.
The Symbiosism Economy that created by the LivesOne is an economic symbiosis that aims to achieve
mutual improvement and common growth for both users and businesses