Photo&Video Sharing Sites in China

YoukuLogoYouku (优酷): Youku was created by Victor Koo, the former President of Sohu. A beta version was launched in June 2006, and the website was formally launched in December 2006. In 2007, the company received $25 million in funding from venture capitalists. ranked Number 1 in Chinese video sharing sector by China Internet Society, iResearch and Baidu User Index. In 2008, Youku teamed up with Myspace in China. Later that year, Youku became the sole online video provider embedded in the China Edition of popular web browser Mozilla Firefox. Youku has worked with Linkool International, Youku, Baidu, and Sina Music, and has an iPhone application. Youku permits users to upload videos regardless of their length and currently has over 161 million videos. Youku has partnered with a number of TV stations, film and TV production companies in China that regularly upload media content on the site. According to a survey, the site attracted at least 6.5 million visitors in 2008. TudouTudou (土豆): Tudou is one of the largest video sharing websites in China, where users can upload, view and share video clips. Tudou went live on April 15, 2005 and by September 2007, served over 55 million videos each day. Tudou states they are one of the world’s largest bandwidth users, moving more than 1 Petabyte per day to 7 million users. YouTube does serve a larger number of videos per day, but since the average Tudou video is longer in duration, the total amount of minutes of video being streamed daily from Tudou is significantly larger – about 15 billion minutes vs. 3 billion for YouTube. The Shanghai-based service uses Adobe Flash technology to publish more than 20,000 new videos each day, including amateur content such as videoblogging and original videos, movie and TV clips, and music videos. Unregistered users can watch videos on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos, using on-line and Windows-based upload tools. (酷6): is funded largely by foreign private equity firms, and ranks third in China’s Internet video market after and On November 30, 2009, is acquired by Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd, Chinese online game operator. (我乐) headquarterd in Guangzhou, China.The domain attracted at least 3.2 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a survey. Access to Chinese online video provider was suspended since 18:00 on June 3, 2008. made an explanation at 10:00 on June 4, 16 hours after the website’s access was stopped, and said that the website had experienced a server failure and was being repaired, but it did not give a clear time for when the site’s services would be fully resumed.Some media, such as and, reported that as has frequently violated relevant government rules with its video content, it has therefore been issued a warning by the government and may be closed for a few days. However, this has been denied by As of July 11, 2008, is back and operational. (第一视频): is a Hong Kong-listed Internet video company providing 298 million users with easy navigation to upload, view and share video clips. has a video production team who are constantly producing and broadcasting their self-created video programmes on the website. The site now has a variety of programme channels including social news, finance, sports, entertainment, games, live broadcast and etc.  According to a survey carried out by Nielsen in 2008, enjoys daily page view of over 150 million, making it one of the most influential medium in China. (网易相册): It is the photosharing service of NetEase and one of the largest online photo management and sharing application sites in China. NetEase operates a leading interactive online and wireless community in China and is a major provider of Chinese language content and services through the online games, wireless value-added services and Internet portal businesses. The average daily page views for the month ended December 31, 2008 exceeded 640 million. tomTom Photo (Tom相册): Tom Photo is owned by TOM Online, a mobile Internet company in China, operating the popular Chinese-language Internet portal ( and offering a variety of online and mobile services, including wireless internet and online advertising. hexunlognHexun Photo (和讯相册): The photo sharing application on this site is intertwined with blogs and news on is a financial information website. Hexun has news reporting license and securities consulting license with a 300-staff news gathering and editing team.

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