PR FAQs Reaches Over 2000 Viewers On iTunes

Back in August EASTWEST Public Relations started filming, editing and publishing their videocast, Public Relations FAQs. In just a few short months the show, syndicated on iTunes as a video podcast, has garnered more than 2,400 viewers. Check out the stats below: EASTWEST PR iTunesThis leads us to believe that iTunes can be an effective platform to promote and get noticed. If you’re asking yourself how to get your video syndicated through iTunes, it’s actually deceptively simple.

Step 1: Film Your Video Series

Before you are able to promote a video on iTunes you have to first have video to promote. However, only shooting a handful isn’t enough – you will have to have an entire series dedicated to your topic. Don’t overload your viewers though! It’s best to release on a more regular schedule. EASTWEST PR Jim James

Step 2: Create an RSS Feed

Now that you have your video series shot, edited and saved on your hard drive as a standard format, the next step is to create an RSS feed out of them. The only way iTunes will list a video series is if the creator of the series points iTunes to an externally hosted RSS feed it can syndicate. This means you will have to find a third party to host and create an iTunes podcast RSS feed.

Step 3: Promote

Now that you have your video syndicated to iTunes, it’s time to get out there and make sure that your video is found. This action should simply be part of your release schedule – every time you have a new episode posted let Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks know about it. Want to get your name scrawled across the iTunes landscape? EASTWEST can help you get noticed.

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