Protean Electric in wheel motor seen by 61.4m viewers at launch in China

Protean appointed EASTWEST PR to manage the media relations launch of the Protean 360. We worked with the PFPR, the UK appointed agency of Protean, and as a team we generated over 143 pieces of coverage for the prototype in wheel motor including CEO one to one interviews on major automotive news channels. The role was to leverage its brand awareness and understanding on its technology and innovative solutions in it supply and demand side, and to focus on promoting a new Protean Electric ‘corner module’ concept that integrates advanced powertrain, steering and suspension technologies within a single product will help next-generation urban transport vehicles better meet the needs of operators and users.   Our consultant travelled to Shanghai to facilitate the video interviews, and we worked extensively with the client and the media to provide background information, briefing documents, and to review the video’s shot by the media before they went live.   Protean summary by EASTWEST PR The approach:   As part of the engagement, EASTWEST had disseminated one press release, one video content placement and secured coverage, in addition, EASTWEST also help to arrange and facilitate four (4) top tier media exclusive interviews with KY Chan, CEO of Protean Electric, to build awareness of its business model and plans for the market and highlight its plan in the region.   Results Achieved:   As of August 2019, EASTWEST has secured 143 piece of clippings which is an effort the press release distributions, Notable pickups on 1st tier media include: iqiyi, Tencent broadcast, China Engine, Motor Trend, AutoLab, Che Yun, ISTV, Sohu, Sina, Ifeng to name a few. Coverage Resulting from Press Release disseminated in China.     Coverage for Protean in key trade media including bitauto

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