Public Relations Agency Billing FAQs

Public Relations FAQsJim James, director at EASTWEST Public Relations answers your public relations agency billing questions. How is billing normally handled in a public relations agency? There are five questions Jim answers in all:

  1. How does an agency calculate fees for their services? The three major fees are time, deliverables and third-party expenses.
  2. What is the difference between consultant based and flat rate billing? To Jim, consultant based billing boasts efficiency, transparency and commitment.
  3. When do I pay fees to an agency? There are three methods: in advance, on delivery and split.
  4. Are large agencies more expensive than smaller ones? Yes they are, no they aren’t, but in reality it depends on your needs.
  5. Who in an agency handles billing? There are generally three parties involved: the consultant, the supervisor and finally the billing department.
Watch the video on how agencies calculate fees for their services:

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